OCR Engine 2 Broken?

if i try to scan my files it seems thate the engine 2 is broken. Is it no longer available?

The free OCR API endpoint has currently a problem with Engine2. We are working on it and try to fix it ASAP.

The PRO endpoints are not affected by this issue.

So, it’s only an issue with the free and online(web) version?

Yes - only an issue with the free and online(web) version.

The PRO endpoints use different URLs. They are faster and run on independent servers and in distributed data-centers (USA, EU and Asia). They are in no way connected to the free OCR API endpoint.

and when will it be fixed?

HIi how much time require to fix this

Can we please solve this i need this urgently. is there any other way to use

We are working on this! We found that the problem is related to some outside security issue. Corrupted documents are being sent to the OCR API. So it can take another few days to get resolved.


I will update this forum post with new information once I have it.

Pro Endpoint 2 is down again. All pro endpoints have been going up and down for 2 days now effectively making the entire service unusable. I already have my own load balancer that tries to figure out which endpoint is good but that’s basically useless when a few minutes later the good one is back down and it’s a different one that’s up. This is ridiculous, if you provided a proper load balancer like most rest services do your customers would never even know about your outages and it’s not a difficult thing to implement.

And now 2 is up and 1 is down. Wonderful…

Error when processing image. undefined getting this error again it works fine for sometime and it again goes down

Thank you …yes am using free one for trail automation … i am facing issue again with both free ocr engine

When you are reporting but “down” please mention what endpoint you are using. The free one, or one of the PRO endpoints.

As of now, all endpoints are up and running fine.

This means that the free endpoint is also up and running fine again :slight_smile:

But as a reminder, we can not give any uptime guarantee for the free OCR API. If you use the OCR API for something important, please use a PRO plan.

Update: Free OCR API Engine2 might be down again today while we update the system with a permanent fix.

Engine2 issue resolved: https://twitter.com/A9T9_com/status/1292055016228958210