OCR API PRO Endpoints

Question from a PRO OCR API user: Does my request to your Datacenter #1 endpoint (PRO1) get routed to another endpoint, such as the Datacenter #2 endpoint (PRO2), if the endpoint #1 is too heavily loaded?

I ask because I would like to know If I need to send my request to multiple endpoints from my application, or are your load balancers already doing the same thing during periods of heavy loading?

We keep all datacenters separate regions, so there is no automatic load balancing or fail-over. Thus we recommend all users that they add automatic fail-over between the endpoints.

So if e. g. PRO1 has a problem, please use the PRO2 endpoint. Of course, normally all endpoints are up. And we guarantee that there is always one fast, working endpoint available (or money back).

:point_right: How to create API failover between endpoints?

For more details see this OCR API fail-over example code forum post.