OCR API FAQ: "Your max. monthly conversion limit of > 300,000 reached...."

Question from PRO/PRO PDF OCR API users:

Hi, we are getting "Your max. monthly conversion limit of > 300000 reached. Consider upgrading your account…

How to solve this?

First note that your subscription renewal date and conversion counter reset are not linked. The conversion counter is always reset on the first of each month.

If you need more than 300,000 conversions per month, the best way is to get a second OCR subscription, and then use both API keys in your API calls. This will give you 600,000 conversions total (or 900,000 for 3 subscriptions/API keys, etc).

Technically using more than one API keys means that you use a different ocr api key for each API call. This can be done by rotating api keys, or to simply use the API keys randomly. In both cases the result is that the conversions are equally distributed over all API keys.

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