"Not able to take screenshot on the current tab"

I’m trying to select a screenshot for the visionFind and I receive this message:
“Not able to take screenshot on the current tab”

I tried it on this page and on some others to no avail:

However, on THIS page it DID let me select a section:
But the result was slightly different from what I selected.

For some reason, the file is in 87dpi

Where do I begin to troubleshoot this?

Thank you.

That is a tricky issue. I tested with https://a9t9.com/kantu/web-automation/chrome/why and could take a screenshot with no issues.

I have two troubleshoot ideas for now:

  • Similar to the issue visionFind dpi_96 I would first try to uninstall Kantu and reinstall.

  • Another interesting test: Does it work OK with the new Kantu for Firefox? It has the same visual ui test features.

Uninstalling and reinstalling did not solve the issue, however, creating a new Chrome profile did.