Not able to select option from dropdown list

Getting the issue with all dropdown fields, not able to run the script.
Please check error message:
timeout reached when looking for element ‘xpath=//*[@id=“7eef017a-a7e8-44d7-b165-c9fe05174308”]/ul/li[1]’

Try another xpath or try to automate with keyboard

I have the same issue. Tried keyboard recording, same error message. Increase timeout does not help. Any advise?

I think my issue is because during playback the Target ID is not the same as during recording.
“Command”: “select”,
“Target”: “id=beneficiary5e30f10ad27f5_1”,
“Value”: “label=John Rambo”
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “id=assign_share5e30f10ad27f5_1”,
“Value”: “1/1”

The playback is looking for the above same Target ID but these are no longer the same. How do we deal with such variables?

You can use keyboard simulation can not fail this feature.