Not able to access the command line variable and getting an Error as Internal variable not supported

Hi I have below script for which am trying to access the command line argument but getting an Error as Internal variable not supported. Please refer script below for more details and also i have mentioned the error below which am getting every time.

Script -

“Name”: “submit_Other_Report”,
“CreationDate”: “2019-11-29”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “{!MSR_IP}", "Value": "MSR_IP" }, { "Command": "echo", "Target": "MSR IP is {MSR_IP}”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “Other Report”,
“Value”: “reportType”
“Command”: “run”,
“Target”: “sub_Launch_SingleNode_MSR”,
“Value”: “”

Error -
Executing: | store | ${!MSR_IP} | MSR_IP | [error] Internal variable “!MSR_IP” not supported

This is not an internal variable


you can use regular variable


Am still getting the same error even if i replace {!MSR_IP} with {MSR_IP}.

Also am using below command to execute the macro via command line, can someone if it is correct or am i missing anything here.

file:///C:/projects/aci/aci-automation/Kantu_Automation/Test Cases/"+macroName+"?MSR_IP="+MSR_IP+"?direct=1&closeBrowser=1&savelog="+runid+ ".txt\

@admin Your help here will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Your question is not understood, what is your problem ? what do you have to do with the variable? explains your need well since you don’t understand your problem.

If you are just trying to pass a variable from the command line to your macro the syntax is wrong:

Command line:


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Issue is resolved. Thanks.