"No file uploaded or URL or base64 provided"

Im attempting to use OCR api but get “No file uploaded or URL or base64 provided” error message. I am using the same exact setup as the postman example. Postman works but my prog does not

import axios from ‘axios’;

url: ‘https://api.ocr.space/parse/image’,
method: ‘post’,
data: {
url: ‘http://dl.a9t9.com/ocrbenchmark/eng.png’,
language: ‘eng’,
isOverlayRequired: ‘false’
headers: {
apikey: ‘MYKEY’,
‘content-type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’,

Here is a pic of my response… The url is in the response under the data section

I tested the issue here, but can not recreate it.

=>If you test the connection with Postman, do you get the same result?

You probably know it, but just in case: Postman is a free API testing app, see https://ocr.space/ocrapi#postman

If you see the problem even with Postman, a screenshot of the result would be very helpful.