Needed to roll back and installed Kantu 8.3.9 but can't connect to Xmodule

I just rolled back to Kantu 8.3.9 successfully downloading the older software from Archive - Ui.Vision RPA Software and installed it in browser with enabling development mode (Edge).
However the Xmodule is not accessing to the installed Software.

Can anyone explain me how to get XModule running with Kantu 8.3.9 installed through browser development mode?

Thank you

OK, I just figured it out on my own and it’s is not difficult. Just follow these steps:

Enable XModule for Kantu extension installed in DEV mode
1. Get the new ID from your Browser extension
a. In Chrome/Edge look at Manage extension
b. Look at the Kantu extension
c. There you should find an ID: e.g. klsdjfisdjfiewojewoj

2. Modify the XModule configuration file
a. Look into c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\UI.Vision\XModules
b. There you need to add the Kantu Extention ID to the following 3 files

	"name": "",
	"description": "Kantu CV Host",
	"path": "kantu-cv-host.exe",
	"type": "stdio",
	"allowed_origins": [
		"chrome-extension://YOUR ID HERE/",
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