Need to automate macros that move down a page

I’m creating events in etapestry.

I need to repeat a macro but also make the macro change slightly after every repeat. So for instance I need to repeat a macro and move to the next link on the page before repeating it a number of times, however the links are not unique because they are in etapestry. It would then need to copy from a field on a page that contains data (the field remains the same, just different data which would need to have some fields pulled from different areas on the page, or could be taken from an excel document if necessary) then input that data into various fields. I am new to this program so the farthest I got was recording actions. Sorry, it’s difficult to explain without showing you what I’m doing, but thank you for the help.

In short

1.) I need to repeat recorded actions and then have them move to the next link

2.) Pull specific data from the page (ie. If it said - Adult Ticket [Student Plays 2/10] - it would take the data in the brackets and input it in the field over whatever i select in the macro.

3.) Repeat macros a certain number of times before moving down a list without. I need to know how to format the list or what commands to use to move to the next item preferably without listing every single thing needed to move between in an array.

I know this is difficult to understand without seeing it, but I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

Can you include a screenshot of the website? That would help a lot to understand the question.