Need some helps on Store command, please


(i’m using kantu for about 5 months but learn by myself with no code skills)
my case is I fill a code in a box, the website will show 1/5 results. I want to store the result, but can’t because the text of result always there, the results are hidden. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance. (sorry for my explaination, I don’t know how to write in Code langages)


A screenshot of the situation would be helpful for us to understand


Hi Plankton, I want to store the text in circle. Please see attached.


Have a look at the storeText command, this should work fine here. For a list of all data extraction options, see the list of web scraping commands.

If you have troubles finding the right locator for storeText, try OCRExtractRelative, with a green and pink box as indicated here:


This will OCR the part inside the pink area.



thanks so much for your help. Best wishes to you :slight_smile:


thanks so much. your way is easy, extremly helpful and work for me that’s what I need. Thank you again.