Need open in current tub new http adress(ignore dialogue windows)

Hello friends!
I have a problem.
When i finished work with current http adress, I need try new one adress, but when i Try it, previous opened page ask me with dialogue window (Do you really want to close it?)
How can I ignore this dialogue wondow and open in current tab new http adpress?
I work with UI.Vision addon for chrome browser.

Hi, do you have a link to a test page for us? Any page that shows this behaviour will work.

I’m Sorry, but No.
This is private account at ads platform of yandex, so I need give you my login, password.

But maybe you know another site that shows the same issue?

If not: Please add a screenshot of the dialog that you want to close. Maybe I know a similar test page.

If to translate screen, there:

Close site?
May be changes will not save.

Blue button: Close White button: Cancel

When I put to “Blue button”, I can use new address, but before I recieve error. So I can do it just manually.

I think you can use Xtype with keyboard KEY_ESC or KEY_ENTER to confirm the dialog box.

I checked:
“Command”: “XType”,
“Target”: “${KEY_ENTER}”,
“Value”: “”


  "Command": "XType",
  "Target": "${KEY_ESC}",
  "Value": ""

does’t work

The only solution is Xtype with image recognition.

Require focus on screen.

See if you can tab to the button and then just copy that with XType

Hare you sure xtype with KEY_ESC do not works ?

have you focus in the screen before run the command ?

An alternative solution is install an anti popup and popunder in browser and it close alert.