Need mouse click (dot) inside signature box

I need to either sign a name or just put a mouse click that causes a dot in the signature box. Macro clicks on signature box but does not leave a mouse dot or signature.


Are you clicking with click or with XClick?

Ok. Got that figured out and working. Problem is. It stops working somehow after 20 or so loops

Using xclick by the way

Would another window taking foreground cause macro to foul up?

A good macro code working always, with infinite loops

Post url page and your macro code to optimize it

Yes, that is probably the reason! If you use the X… commands like XClick or XType, then the browser must always remain in front. The X… commands are real mouse and keyboard clicks. And these events get sent to whatever app has the focus.

See also BringBrowserToForeground, bring browser window to front - Selenium IDE Commands Tutorial