Need help with copying and pasting a regex

I’m wanting to copy a text containg 6 digits, for instance, 000000,123456,234151.
Im then wanting to paste that text into another window.
I tried using this
target regex=^d{6}$

but then how do i get it to copy the 6 digit code and then paste it?

You can use a better solution storetext, save it in variable and paste in form easy and fast

You can edit the value too and remove part or replace if you want.

ok but how do i store the text of a unique code thats 6 digits?

Before store in variable you can edit,replace, split the value no problem it’s easy

that doesnt help. Im trying to copy a text that will always be difftrent. im getting it from a email. It will always be 6 digits, like 000000 123456 etc. I have to use regex to do this but im lost

I extract without any problem link activatioins and code activation from email.

You extract the text and edit it to have the part you need.

There is no problem with dynamic code

Here some infos