Need Help with Browser Automation and IP Address Change Using UiVision Extension

I’m creating an automation using the UiVision extension. This automation is used in various separate profiles of the Chrome browser. For each profile, I use a separate extension.

I need this automation to have the following features:

  • When clicking on a specific button within the browser, the IP address of the browser tab should be changed (only the tab’s IP, not the computer’s).
  • Each tab should have a unique IP, and this IP should be changed when clicking on the aforementioned button.

Please, if anyone can help me, I would be grateful. Thank you very much.

This job is complex to do with ui vision, you should use proxy function and save each ip in a csv to compare before using it.
You cannot change the IP for a single tab, the IP is changed for the browser, not for the single tab.

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“proxy function and save each IP to a csv to compare before using it” Thanks. This might help.

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