Need help explain the syntax (still confuse after reading guide and tutorial)


Can help me to understand how the below works in Kantu?


It is an element with no id, name, class etc (it holds mainly an arrow image for minimising a section).

(Trying more advance stuff hence learning deeper things)

Seems to be a not clear question.
Will you please add screenshot too?
This is a standart x-path way to address to elements.
This one looks for any element with @id=“payment_form” and than from it it digs into DOM structure, and finally points to a “div” inside an “a” element.
Basically this line can be pasted in CHROME browser console search (ctrl+f) to find element:

With thanks for the explanation, cuz there are other elements in that same div hence I was a bit confused. But I am clear now. Thank You :slight_smile:

The “arrow” image is as below (it can change to pointing down or up):

to better understand xpath addressing, it’s a good idea to read some articles about it, because it makes many tricky things possible.
Good luck!