Need assistance reading a CSV file - getting error E325 "file does not exist"

I have the file in a DataSources folder Desktop/Uivision/Datasources/ the same location as the Demo file States-list_Installed_byXfileAccess.csv and it still get the error above.

I changed the file name in the CSV read to the States-list…csv and the Macro still throws the same error.

“Command”: “csvRead”,
“Target”: “plt.csv”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”

Cannot seem to put my finger on this issue.

Can anyone offer some advice/guidance on this error?


  1. Double check you manually switched UI.Vison to storage mode: File system (on hard drive)
  2. Read How to read CSV directly from my local desktop? I've already change to hard drive storage but can't figure how - #5 by WID190505_STUDENT