Need a simple macro app

This Kantu looks very powerful and way more than I need but I’m not finding a simple app for my needs. I just bought an Acer Chromebook and I want to do things that I could do on my old laptop. I have a Windows program, Keyboard Express that allowed me to create shortcut keys to fill in forms, have function keys mapped to fill in text such as my name, emails etc, as well as have all my local towns names and zip codes. I could invoke these in any program.
For instance, F1 would print Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 or p would insert my phone number. I know I don’t have the function keys but can I map keys or keys to various texts with Kantu? Or have these text phrases on the side menu to select?
So basically I’m asking, will Kantu do this on a Chromebook?

Have a look at the Kantu bookmarks feature - this allows you to trigger macros with bookmarks. And Chrome itself allows you to assign bookmarks to shortcuts.

If I understand this correctly, I could have a series of bookmarks that create the text field that I want placed where I want?

Rereading my question I see parts were left out. "For instance, ALT F1 would print Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 or ALT p would insert my phone number. "

Yes, that should work. Each shortcut will trigger a bookmark macro, that then does its job.