My macros dissapeared and the only one left doesnt run

Please, I entered the extension in Chrome, and I see my macros have disappeared. The extension only shows the commands of the macro I use more often, but when I try to play that macro, it does nothing…
Please I really loved your extension and had been using it for months… don’t know what happened (I think its the first time I enter the extension with the last version released)…

Hi, our latest update did not change anything with regards to the storage. So some questions first:

Hi, I really dont know where is the storage… I usually click to backup when the extension prompts me to do so. This is how the extension looks now, I can see the macro I used often, but when I click ‘Play Macro’, nothing happens…

This situation can be 2 thinghs

  1. A deleted macro and this is the code of deleted macro
  2. A macro saved in hard drive, switch to hard drive mode

In your ui vision there are not any macro saved in this moment.

Do you have a backup? If so, I recommend a fresh install. It takes only a few seconds.

Here is where you macros should be:

I have the same issue. After automatically upgrading, the new interface isn’t showing my saved macros in the left hand bar. It seems to have found at least one of them, as I can see the title in orange in the top bar, but I don’t know why the others aren’t visible. I never used to have to do anything other than open the extension and they would appear. There doesn’t seem to be an option to open them from wherever they are stored (no File -> Open… option). I have been keeping backups but when I go to Settings and Restore from the backup zip still nothing is visible. I feel I must be missing something obvious … I can see the above advice from Ulrich to do a fresh install. Can you tell me how to do that please? I’m using Chrome. Thanks!

Hi. I found the backups in the downloads folder of the computer. I opened the last one (its a zip file) with the icon of a folder with the + icon and my macros appeared again.


Thanks so much, Sandro. It worked! I had to unzip the backup folder first, as trying to open straight from zip was bringing up error messages. Once unzipped I could click on the folder + icon, go into the Macros subfolder, select all my saved macros and they appeared just like before. Thanks again for the tip - I was stressing about my vanished macros!