My First Script - failure desktop automation

Hey guys,

My very first script already fails. I’ve used the steps on the video on desktop automation, all seems setup wel.

I create a simple Xclick, click Select to select the area where should be clicked and save.
I play, but nothing happens (the selected area is the Explorer button on my Windows taskbar)

Any ideas why even the basics don’t work?

Lemme reply myself, cuz i know what is happening…

I’ve have 2 monitors. It is mimicking the clicks on my additional screen, not on my main screen - although i did the recording on my main screen.

Furthermore - on dual monitor setups in Windows 10 build 1903 the search bar has become part of the taskbar itself - but only on the main screen. On the second (not main) screen, the search bar is not visible on the taskbar. The icons on the taskbar are however visible on both taskbars on both monitors, but because the Search bar is not visible on the second monitor, the icons are not exactly in the same location as on the main monitor.

Thanks for the useful feedback.

A note from me: Dual monitor support is on our todo list: [issue #41] XClick dual monitor support