Multiple verifyelementnotpresent with a if statement

Hi All

I have a situation where a website now can either have one of two potential elements which if one or the either happens to exist, then dont click another element. I am using verifyelementnotpresent with the if_v2.

I have successfully implemented this with a visual search before with ${whatever} == 0 ||${whatever2} == 0 || but can the same theory be applied to multiple verifyelementnotpresent?

seems my last few questions have gone unacknowledged…should I be concerned here, doesnt no one know or have I been put on the naughty list?

I had to nest the verifyelementnotpresent for this to work, so basically verifyelementnotpresent for 1st element, then do a if last command is true, then verify the second element, but you need to be observant of which element you should look for first depending on the situation, as in my case of element 1 is found, then A must be done, but if element one is not found, then search for element 2.