Multiple variables form executeScript

Hi all,
I’mm really new to UI.Vision (I’m using the chrome extension) and I’m trying to extract data from a supplier site to have a CSV that I can import in an e-commerce.

  1. I can easily get all the data I need with a javascript searching in the page code, but I don’t understand if I can create a single script that will retrive all the variables and save them as single variables, or, even better, directly write the csv lines from the script?ì. Is it possible? How?

  2. is it possible to write a code with an array of pages to be opened, than loop the script for each page and write one or multiple lines ov csv from each page?

Sorry but the instructions are not very easy and I only have knowledges in JS.


You can return an array from executeScript and then save it csvSaveArray.

Yes thanks, I’ve already found it, but what about the array of pages to be opened?