multiple opening of a website


i open several websites with a macro one after the other with the commands “selectWindow, TAB=OPEN, http://www. xxxx”.

Each time the first web page is opened with this command, the web page does not open once but several times, in different numbers (2-4).

The current Firefox version of “Kantu Browser Automation” is always used.

Where can the problem be?


This is a known issue, but it is very hard to reliably recreate. We are still looking for good test cases.

But can you please test this with the latest beta version? It has some changes that might solve the issue.

The beta is only available for Chrome, but of course the final version will be available for Firefox, too.


I’m sorry. I would have to test it later, because I only use Firefox here.


Problem always present in last Chrome update

Same in Firefox 64.0 64-bit