Multiple links POS in table

Hello everyone,

I have a table on a site with multiple links with dates.
The links are in the col1, the dates are in col2.
Every link has the same name on the site.

The problem is that I always want to click the lowermost link/element on the page. The number of links are always changing so link@POS=x isn’t working.

Could you tell me a possible solution for the problem?

I suggest that you use sourceSearch to count the number of “Link1”, and then use this number as input for POS:

sourceSearch | Link1 | howmany
click | Link1@POS=${howmany}

Another option would be to start with a high number for POS, and then reduce it until the Click command no longer gives an error (checking !statusOK), but the first option seems faster and more elegant.

Thank you for the answer.

I have a csv with the texts in column1.
I want to find the values on the website in loop and than click on the lowermost link with the same text on the site.

How can I connect your solution with my data source?
E.g. In the csv the first item is THEFIRSTlink
On the website I search THEFIRSTlink
(type > name=dataForm:j_id_id123 > ${COL1}.

So I get on the website:
Column1 | column2
THEFIRSTlink | 2016.07.12
THEFIRSTlink | 2017.07.18
THEFIRSTlink | 2018.07.15

And here I have to use your solution. But how can I connect the data in csv with the command. Or I don’t have to, only count all the links on the result page and click on the last one.