Multiple image processing with Visual UI

The site I am automating has 3 images I’m interested in. I need to do separate processing depending on which image I find but don’t know the order in which the images will appear. I use visualVerify to search for each image. Since !LastCommandOK is not available I’m using !statusOK to check the results of the visual search. Documentation says !statusOk is not reset so, once the first image search fails, !statusOk is set to false, so I use Store | true | !statusOK to reset it to true but the next visualIU search fails again anyway. Any suggestions on how to get the visualui to work after it returns a notfound/fail? Do I need to buy a license?

Since !LastCommandOK is not available

Why not? (works for me)

From your description it sounds like you do everything ok. Can you post a test macro?

Another option is to use VisualSearch like done in DemoVisualUITest:


not sure why but it’s working now. I’m not sure what I did wrong the first time, but it’s working now. Thank you for your response. I think I’ll buy a license anyway. This product is very good.