"Moving" the commands around suggestion

Hi, it would be really helpful if you could move the “block” commands around in the table menu; I feel like that would greatly improve my speed as I’m relatively new to this.

For example… if you can drag the blocks up there and move things around it would be greatly helpful.

You can click on the Source View tab and can cut and paste code as needed.

Yeah, I’m just saying another option to move the blocks instead would be much faster and efficient for me, moving the source code works but it’s needless effort

Would definitely be a nice to have. It is possible that @admin will add it to their feature requests list for future implementation

Great suggestion and very good timing: We just implemented this feature and it will be available with the next update :slight_smile:

Thank you!! Appreciate it :smile:

@Legoego. V5.3.6 was just released with this feature available