Mouse wheel and pixel search

I am new to Kantu. I run AHK scripts for web automation, but want to transition them to raspberry pi. Kantu seems the way to go - since it can be run in Firefox. However, I cannot seem to find:

  1. Mouse wheel down button. ${KEY_PAGE_DOWN} is moving the whole page and I just need to use the mouse wheel down (it zooms out a web application)
  2. Pixel search. XClick image search is ok for images that are relatively large. However, when I try to find image that is too small, it takes forever or gives unsatisfactory result. I have played with the “Default Vision Search Confidence” but result is unsatisfactory. In AHK I use this
    “PixelSearch, FoundX, FoundY, 0, 0, 1980, 1080, 0x7FEF0F, 3, Fast RGB”. It just clicks the first pixel it finds starting from the top left corner. The 3 is the precision level (variations)
  3. Any OS recommendations for virtual machine OS that is fast and supports Firefox? Currently, I use Manjaro KDE.
  4. Any raspberry pi OS recommendations? Will be used only for Kantu firefox automations
  1. Mouse wheel support: It is on our todo list and should be available very soon (October).

  2. Pixel search sounds very brittle. A tiny change in browser rendering would break it, or? In any case, the solution that Kantu has for small images is Relative Click. Essentially you search for an bigger image that is next to the small image you want to click. And/or you can restrict the image search area if needed. This makes the image search very stable. => Will that work for you?

  3. Linux recommendations: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 19.04 are the officially supported Linux distros. This is what we use for QA.

  4. We have no experience with Raspberry yet. It would be great if you post what OS you ended up using.

Thanks a lot for the tips. I am excited for the mouse wheel support. I can work with relative click, however I will try first with multiple small image searches and higher Search Confidence for a restricted image area. For my project it would be better.
Regarding Raspberry I will reply here as soon as I test it in 2 or 3 months time :slight_smile: