Missing cmd in undefined

while doing “import HTML” i am getting error for all the files. Guide me how would i import my files.

Can you share one of the files you are trying to import?

due to security issue i can not share file publicly.
sent file via email

Thanks for the file. I tested with older Kantu versions and see the same issue. So it is not a regression issue. But I created a ticket for it and we will try to fix it asap.

(If it did work for you in the past, please let me know which version you used. You find older versions in the archive.)

We found the problem: On import, Kantu does not like the empty table line(s) in your html file:


Once you remove it, the HTML import works fine!

you are right.
Removed empty lines\ did import \ and it works fine for me.
Many Thanks Team.

Error in application, if any, anywhere, should be clear enough so that user can correct it by him self.
What do you say?

I totally agree! In this case our plan is to support the import of empty lines with future updates, and thus we can avoid this error in the first place.

absolutely true.
i appreciate your efforts and understanding.

Thanks Kantu Team.