Microsoft Flow HTTP Post


If I can get this to work I will likely be able to sign up for a PRO account. But until I can show proof of concept I can’t get anyone to pay.

I am trying to take a pdf from a sharepoint list and pass it to the API.

I have tried base64 encoding, directly passing file contents but I cannot get anything to work. The closes I have come is that I send the POST and it is received but nothing is decoded. I have nothing to debug and I have no idea whats happening. I can do exactly the same thing with Postman and it works.

How can I get some further debug help/information?


So I made progress. For some reason trying to simply send the file content in the HTTP POST doesn’t work. But I did find that converting to base64 works. But now I need to figure out how to write a schema for the JSON response.

Has anyone put together a schema? I have never written one but unless someone has some tips I will probably give it a try.

The part I can’t seem to figure out is how to write a schema for any number of words that are found.