Memory Leaks on Ubuntu 22


Ive been using UI.Vision for a while now on my computer (M1 pro 2020) and never had any performance issue.
I am now trying to run my macro on a virtual machine (Ubuntu 22, 4 GB Memory / 2 AMD vCPUs / 80 GB Disk) and after 15mn the memory peeks at 100% and the software stops running.

My macro is basically sending invites on Linkedin (tried both Chrome and Firefox) using Xmodules feature and cant send more than 10-15 invites before the machine stops functioning.

Any idea what to do here to improve the process? Is there a minimum performance requirement knowing the automation works well on my computer?


So you are running the same macro on both machines?

Hello, no, I did the testing locally, and now switched to a VM

ulrich how do we obtain our PRO key if we lost it?