Memory leak Problem

a warm hello to all,
I find the program super intuitive and have worked my way in and written me in the last 6 weeks a code which consists of 4 macros that communicate with each other and process parralel tasks that are related to each other.

I have taken the last few days off from my work to give it the final touches, the code is now ready and I wanted to run it full of joy. but after a short time reached me the error message “out of memory”.

on the next run i watched the ram usage in the task manager and saw gigabyte load increases without the code doing anything that could justify that.

i used to write very simple loops in the form of:
when writing.

so i created a macro for testing that consists of only two lines.
label / go /
gotoIf / go /
and this also generates enormous ram consumption.
in 10 min. about 1GByte.

since yesterday i am looking for a solution for this problem.
I have seen that others have also reported something like this and it was suggested to them as a solution via powershell to close everything and open again.

this is very difficult with my code because the four macros build on each other and the ram memory grows extremely fast because the code is longer.

I use windows 7 and firefox.
the minimize memory function of firefox seems to be able to reduce the problem. however, the benefit of an RPA is lost when i have to press a button in 1min rhythm.

i need help.
do you know a solution for my problem or is there a solution for the memory leak in work and will come with the next update?
does anyone know how to set the firefox config to dispose the garbage collection faster or to trigger the minimize memory button effect by itself?

if not, does anyone know of a program that is similar to (can be started from the computer without a server or similar), is free and does not continuously consume more ram?

i am very frustrated and feel as if my 6 weeks of work were in vain.

Thanks for your time

There is no solution to solve this problem

If you read the forum you will find more similar post.

Alternative solution is use firefox 56 or firefox ESR 52 with imacros 8.9.7

I run imacros 15 hours (1000 loops) for day and it require only 300-400 mb of ram, ui vision require more giga byte of ram.

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I tested this issue and confirmed it for Firefox. Your macro is a nice test case, thanks for that. We will be working on this. Meanwhile here are three workarounds:

(1) Periodically restart the automation. (recommended!)

(2) Use Chrome (issue is not gone, but better)

(3) Click the “minimize memory button” periodically. RPA can do this automatically:

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Yes, that is our goal!

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In fact, excessive ram consumption is not the fault of ui vision but it is the new firefox quantum multi process that consumes a lot of memory (such as google chrome) in firefox there are other solutions to reduce memory consumption

  1. Use firefox without installing any addons or installing a few addons and disable all plugins (video codecs)

  2. Turn off graphics, images, videos, flash (ui vision works even if graphics are turned off)

  3. Close periodically the tab where you are working often and reopen it and continue the work in this way firefox recovers the memory used in the closed tab.

Unfortunately the new firefox consumes a lot of memory and when using loops this problem manifests even more.

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The latest version V6.1.1 has store | nodisplay | !replayspeed - this avoids any display. This reduces the memory issues, but does not solve it (so this ticket remains open). However, using “nodisplay” speeds up the macro by a factor of 10!

FACTOR 10???

crazy, you are Kings!

by the way:
i installed windows 10 instead of windows 7 and disabled all display options(log,show most used variable etc.) it’s important to keep the LOG tab open and not go to the csv tab in uivsion for example, otherwise the memory leak comes back. it’s also important to keep in the foreground and the browser, i do most both in window mode so i see both on the desktop.
with these settings the memory leak was almost completely eliminated, so it was no longer 1gb in 15 min but after 24 hours. which is totally fine in my opinion.

i currently use chrome and sometimes it takes several tries, you can see directly if it works or not if you open the task manager and watch the ram, if it increases several 100mb at startup it didn’t work, the right window is then not in the foreground. if it works though, the ram usage always jumps from e.g. 1,7gb to 1,8gb and back to 1,7gb… that for hours.

maybe this helps someone, keep up the great work :slight_smile: