Master Password Storage

I am trying to figure out how the Master password is stored to be used by the software. I notice between Local storage and the File system I have to create two different records for a password I want to use in the same script. The funny thing is they use the same master password. Just trying to find out if maybe it is stored in Chrome local storage or if it is stored in a registry page somewhere on my machine much like iMacros has done.

Thanks in advanced!

Just trying to see if anyone can point me in the right direction on this one.


That is not correct. The master password does not change if you change the macro storage mode.

The master password is stored as part of the regular Ui.Vision setting in Chrome. So it is saved in the local browser storage.

I guess a follow up here. How would we see the password that the Master Password is encrypting. We are trying to deploy this in a golden image and we don’t want end users seeing the passwords we are adding into the scripts for login.

To clarify: Do you want to decrypt the encrypted password?

For example: If your recorded, encrypted password in the macro is “__RPA_ENCRYPTED__26f591609615385b41222e290931b2”, you want to get the original password back?

      "Command": "type",
      "Target": "id=password",
      "Value": "__RPA_ENCRYPTED__26f591609615385b41222e290931b2",
      "Description": ""

Not trying to decrypt the password just trying to take the master password and passwords behind them and deploy them to a windows image for an end user to use without them seeing the passwords behind the encryption

Basically what I am looking for is where are the files stored that will allow us to deploy this to a windows gold image with out having to go to each user and put in all of the passwords individually for each user

Ah, so basically you want to move the UI Vision setting to a new machine?

UI Vision settings are stored in the Chrome local storage, so they are part of the Chrome settings. So if you copy all Chrome settings and extensions, the UI Vision configuration will be part of it. Does that work for you?

Question: How do you deploy the Chrome settings? Via Google admin console?

Yep that works! Thanks!

We are using an active directory setup to copy it into the users profile on login