Manually compile xpath


xpath is new to me, any tools that recommend to use to test if the xpath is working before try it out in UI Vision?
I’ve tried with the SelectorsHub Chrome addin, the xpath that compile in SelectorsHub able to locate the elements in SelectorsHub, but when using the same xpath, UI Vision shows — timeout reached when looking for element ‘xpath=//div[@aria-label=‘Add new’]’. same goes with ChroPath chrome addin.


Can you give an example for a public website? Then we can test.

unable to find a similar case for a public website now.
but, i manage to find out the reason, with the xpath = //div[@class=‘dx-item-content dx-menu-item-content’]/span[@class=‘dx-menu-item-text’]
there are more than 1 elements in the page, and I actually want to focus only on one of the element on the iframe (popup screen)
any advise?