Make macro run from server without download (hide the code) (new license idea)

When you run an embedded macro from an url, the macro downloads and then run, so is stored locally on the machine, but that means the code is downloaded and accesible.

I’m working on a macro for a very offuscated web, the links and stuff change every refresh but managed to realize how and my macro is able to overcome this and guess the correct link, so i’m not happy with anyone just downloading hundred of hours of hard work and get my code.

I would be more than happy to pay if you make a commercial license with features to compile and hide the code and the ability to run on your own server, like this:

You have developer commercial licenses.
You install your license in your web server and store your macros there.
Also you have a client license generator in the server.
A client want to buy a license, you generate one and give it to the client, the client then add it to his rpa installation as a client license.
If someone connects to your server and doesnt have a valid license the conection is refused, moreover you can configure what macros are available with each license if you want to make basic and premium licenses, also you can control how many simultaneous access can be done with the same license, to avoid sharing or make multiuser licenses
When the client sends a valid license to the server then a channel is opened and the macro is run on the server but the actions in the client, but the client never ever sees the macro, neither the code.

Interesting idea, but this sentence is not clear (to me). Do you want to run the macro on your server or on the client machine?

I want the client machine to call the macro stored on the server and run it in the client machine but without seeing the code, its like you have now

Storage mode:
local storage in browser
file system hard drive
so add something like
online storage (server)

You can encrypt the conection to secure it but the idea is the code of the macro is never show neither downloaded on the client machine, look it like PHP, it runs on the server and the client get the result but never sees the source or can download it.

Or make it download and run encrypted in memory, because it would be slow if the client ask the server.
1st line? ok 2nd line? ok, till 400 line, so slow