Make copys in Google Drive

As a teacher I sometimes want to make a copy of a document (which I via “get.range…” fill with data from a special document.
But, it is boring to right click on a document and choose “copy” and to do that 20 - to 30 times, and I got a tip that this program could ease my boredom :slightly_smiling_face:
But I don’t know how to do it. Can anyone help me?

  • Use XClick | (image of document) | #right for the right-click.

  • Then use XType | ${KEY_DOWN}${KEY_DOWN}${KEY_DOWN} to move down a few steps until the “Copy” entry (in my example I used 3 times “down” to go 3 steps down)

  • finally use XType | ${KEY_ENTER} to select “Copy”.

Many thanks for your answer. I will try it out (as soon as I get rid of boring things to do…) :slight_smile:

I tried and I managed to right-click on the right document, but not how to step down the steps that were needen, nor the left-click on the right spot.