Macro trake to long in close

I got a macro that it take to long in close, some times more than 50s. When it end, I don’t know what is it doing.
I need to call a new one from a batch file, within 20s. When the second one start and the first is still traying to end up, the macro fail and show a variety of error mensage.
How can I fix this problem?

What are the error messages?

Post macro code and log please

This is they most common error mensage.

I can’t post the log because it freezes when the last line arrives, although I have tried to change it and it does not respond, until I get the error message. At the top of the browser, where the Kantu icon is, the number of the last line of the macro is kept for several seconds, up to 50s.

I do not know the error type waiting the admin for a reply