Macro to Exe Option

Hello. I like this software.
How to compile a recorded macro to an EXE file?
Does the program have this feature? Can you add this feature?

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Thanks for the suggestion. A “macro to an EXE” feature is on our todo list and I added your request as vote for it.

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I would love this funstion aswell!
but once the macro is an EXE will the extension be unnecessary?

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+1 for this feature as request

+1 for this feature as well!

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+1 for this feature as well!

In the meantime you can turn a PowerShell or Batch file into an exe which starts your macro

This feature in my opinion is not good because ui vision have some different bug for every version of browser you use and for some command require xmodules installed too.

I tried hundred of different version of firefox and every version with ui vision have different bugs.

How can work an exe files in a similar situation ?

Some bugs can depende from the browser upgrade.

I agree it isn’t ideal.
I’m on Chrome and the few bugs I encountered I’ve worked around and are known. I’m wondering if all of your bugs are related to Firefox or because you’re using the portable versions?

I reproduced the bug with installed firefox 71 version in virtual machine of admin, there are more bugs in ui vision and every version have different bugs.

I already reproduced the bugs and admin in next update try to solve it.

latest xmodules have more bugs.

The really working combination is firefox 60 ESR (70 MB) + ui vision 5.1.9 + xmodules 201905

Other combination give bug, i run macro hundred times every day with batch files and i save a snapshot to check the work and i try all firefox version.

It’s probably that Chrome version have few bugs but i combine firefox with addons + ui vision.

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I can’t agree more with you. I’m using the exact same combination after hours and hours of headache

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I have proposition

  • *.exe files is not multiplatform, not readable, heavy size

my solution:
API to UI.Vision like as Selenium Webdriver with Xmodules support


  • multi platform
  • meny programing language
  • better flow control
  • code readability

UI.Vsion is the best RPA tool for me. But when I have big project, GUI (browser extension) is not comfortable. I prefer files with pure code, js files, python files, whatever than kantu *.json files.

In my view this is good path on future: