Macro running 24/7 with xrun & bash script

I thought I was using the simplest method to restart the macro every x minutes. But errors persist.

After x minutes the macro uses Xrun to call a simple linux script…


killall chrome
sleep 2

google-chrome "file:///home/..."

What happens:
The macro runs, then Xrun calls the bash script and chrome restarts. The tab opens, but the new macro fails to run with this error:

“Error #180 : No connection to browser tab” (doesn’t run at all) as soon as the opens and tries to run my macro.

If I start the bash file from the terminal, no problem, runs the macro.

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Can you please retry with the new V8.1.1? It should fix this error.

Great! It works, thank you. Good bye workarounds! None of them did work.