Macro returns an error on a specific line (whatever it is!)

Hello Team,

I’m using the UI Vision Chrome Extension and for the last few days I see
the same bug (or I think it’s a bug).

Every time I run a macro I’m working on, it stops on a specific line
(No. 14) and returns an error (even if the line has a comment, any
command or even if it is blank!)

So I try creating a brand new macro from scratch (this time with only a
few lines) and it crushes on line 3, whatever this line contains…

It is very strange and I need your help!!

Thank you in advance,

Can you please add a video that shows the error?

Check this out! In the video, I do not run the macro, but believe me, it would get stuck on this line.
Many thanks!

Is there any update on this??

Kind regards!