Macro repeats unexpectedly

New user here. I created a simple macro to automate a form-fill.
After I fill the form (using the macro) and then manually press a button to process the form, the macro starts running again!
I haven’t been able to nail down the exact action that re-starts the macro (I don’t have a test system I can reproduce on). Any hints what the problem might be?

The contents of the macro are very simple: several click and clicktype commands.

This strange, we have not seen it before (of course, this does not rule out that there is a bug).

Just to clarify: So the macro stops… and then all of sudden it runs again?

I have done some more testing and can reproduce. The macro runs and at the end it stops (as expected). I wait and nothing happens (as expected). So there is no time-based trigger.
I then press a button on the screen to process the data entered by the macro. This is what (apparently) triggers the macro to run again.
I can share a screen recording of these events over private mail if this helps.

A screen recording would be great. Please email it to team AT and mention this post.