Macro random freezes during command execution

Hi, I’m experiencing issues while running macros where randomly freezes at certain commands. In the current example, it freezes during the execution of the “click” command, highlighted in purple:

In this case, no error is returned either in the console or the command line; it simply remains in a running state:
[info] Executing: | click | xpath=(//a[text()[contains(.,‘${lv_keyword}’)]])[${lv_counter}] |


The element with xpath (//a[text()[contains(.,‘RRPRT’)]])[2] is found as you can see in developer tools:

I’m using UI.Vision 9.1.9 as a Chrome extension, and I’d like to add that this issue occurs not only with this command but randomly with others, including fairly simple executeScript commands.

Can anyone assist me with this? It’s quite frustrating to encounter these kinds of problems.


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Same problem, help please!

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Another example that happened recently, in this case the macro has freezed while executing the command “deleteAllCookies”:

No logs, no errors, it just hangs…

Roughly, how often does this error occur? E. g. is it every 5th macro run or every 50th?

Another interesting test would be to run the same macro with Ui.Vision for Firefox, do the same errors happen there?

I cannot tell you how often it happens; sometimes it is at the 5th run and others last much longer…

Regarding Firefox, I haven’t tested it yet but I will give it a try.

Any idea about what could be happening? Maybe would be good to have a timestamp in the log to know for how long the command is running