Macro only fires once

Hi, i’m having a trouble since latest update 9.2.8.

I have window with a button that launch a macro ( window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent(‘kantuSaveAndRunMacro’, { detail: detail }));).

When i push the button the first time, UIVision works OK, but, when i pushed it a second time, UIVison not fires.

You can see the same behaviour in Demo Embed RPA software scripts into a website. You can push a button and the macro works. Then if you push any other button, it not works.

Chrome console doesn’t show any error, and kantuSaveAndRunMacro event not fires.


I was able to recreate this issue. This is indeed a regression bug caused by this fix. As temporary workaround, after a page refresh the macro starts again.

→ We will fix this ASAP. Thanks for reporting it!

Perfect, how fast!!!

Thank you so much. We look forward to the fix :slight_smile: