Macro Name have a variable to return and save it?


It’s possibile to save the macro name in a variable ?

  "Name": "Landing_014_new",
  "CreationDate": "2019-4-22",
  "Commands": [

In my case i need to have the “Landing_014_new” saved in variable to save it in csv or to use in #shownotification.

What command i can use to have the macro name ?

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Internal variable !MACRONAME

Do not mean to offend you but… I’d appreciate if you ditch the visual spam like “have a nice day” in your posts and they would be way more readable and well received. Despite your good intentions they actually achieve quite the opposite.

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I am not English and I often use the Google translator to write, I didn’t want to offend anyone I thought it was a greeting to use.

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No offence taken. This internet and not a medieval bird mail when you received a message once in a quarter. Quick question - quick answer. It takes time reading this visual spam. Multiply this by the number of posts you write every day. I think you can see how this well intention can become a burden like the ads on every page. Peace.

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