Macro kind of just dies

Hello, I am super new at this but I have got myself all the way up to here and it kind of just stops at the end. Instead of doing what it is told to it just stalls and times out. does anyone see anything wrong here or could someone tell me what went wrong? i appreciate it greatly, sorry if this is formatted wrong

[info] Executing: | type | id=pp-aixRFE-84 | QY39-DD8NEN-F2ZI4 | [warning] Line 10: Element found with secondary locator "name=ppw-claimCode". To use it by default, update the target field to use it as primary locator. [info] Executing: | click | id=button-add-gcpromo | | [error] Line 11: timeout reached when looking for element 'id=button-add-gcpromo' [info] Macro failed (Runtime 52.07s)

Do you have a test macro for us?

Just as a query, if you right-click on the element, inspect, right-click on the grey highlighted code, copy xpath/full xpath, does it match what you put in the above?