Macro keeps skipping/ignoring validation steps

I’ve had it on multiple occasions where the macro ignores safe guards I’ve put in place to check fields for the matching data in a stored value.

For example:

1. Label | RepeatSteps
2. Store | 10 | $A
3. Type | id=input | $A
4. StoreValue | id=input | $CurrentValue
5. Echo | $CurrentValue
6. gotoif | $CurrentValue != $A | RepeatSteps
7. Do action

I’ve tried adding as many as 6 seperate verification points per run to try and prevent this from happening, but for some reason, sometimes one still gets through, and I don’t understand why?

This also includes checks for !statusOK and not using !errorignore, as whatever is happening doesn’t seem to be registering as an error.

It’s not frequent enough for me to reproduce the issue reliably, but sometimes it’s multiple times a day, and randomly at different steps in the process.

Any idea what might be causing it? It’s obviously some kind of bug and nothing wrong with my macro itself, but there must be something extra I can do to prevent the macro from running if this kind of issue happens?