Macro from bat file not work

Dear all,
i have exported an HTML macro from Kantu, the Kantu i installed is the chrome extension (free).
I have already enable the “URL…” flag into the extension’s setting, also on the REPLAY settings the default values are enabled…but still not work.
I write a bat file that launch Chrome with the correct file url as in documentation. The result is that chrome is opened with a static HTML table labelling “step by step” my macro, but any execution occurs. Also the popup are allowed
What i am wrong? maybe the free chrome extension do not allow this behaviour?


The selenium ide command line works well in kantu, no free or paid xmodule is required for this.

Can you please post the command line you are using? (And make sure you use V3.5.5, there was a bug in 3.5.0)

Dear Ulrich
here is the code (simple) i tried.

Mine version is 3.5.5. as chrome extension. “Kantu Web browser Automation 3.5.5.”