Macro don't execute


I have a python script that call the ‘UI Vision API’, however when I call it with those parameter:


This open the UI Vision and load the macro tree but it wont execute, I mean it will execute an empty macro as on the screenshot:

Thats the problem.

Also, macros are not clickable so I cannot check whats in em.

Can someone give me an explanation/ a way to fix?


Can you please post the complete command line URL? Do you use folder=… or macro=…?

I use folder like this → folder=APPNAME/SCENARIO1&closeRPA=1&direct=1&loadmacrotree=1

This is as you can check on the screen:

I tested “run all files in folder” (testsuite feature) with this batch file

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "file:///c:/1test/"

and all works well:

Thank you, that’s odd, look at my video:

As you can see link and folder tree are good, the same as you and I swear the jsons are not empty because when I try manually it work well. As you can see in the video I can’t click and see the macros.

Do you have any clue?

Thank you for you answer

I make a hypothesis about the problem, could it be the character “è” (e accented) in the name of the macro that creates this problem?

If you use “Testsuite: Play all in Folder” manually the 3 macros run correct? If so, please post the python part where you call the ui vision command line URL, maybe something wrong there.


No because it work manually like that, so I don’t think but maybe if the macro is in the url then it will block.

If you want but I dont think since the python part just call a powershell command that post the url in the searchbar of google. As you can see:

cmd = f"Start-Process chrome -ArgumentList @( '-new-window -incognito', '{url_loc_gen}{app_name}/{scenario_code}&closeRPA=0&direct=1&loadmacrotree=1&savelog={log}')"[powershell, -Command, cmd])

So looks like Testsuite: play all in folder only work for file inside a folder and not file inside a folder inside a folder.


On the screenshot it work on the ‘SCENARIO1’ but not on ‘APPNAME’ so maybe thats why the call:


But this way work on the admin video so Im confuse.

Also, this is maybe bacuse loadmacrotree=1 load only folder and not file. This is I think the most likely source of issue. @admin

This is correct! If you look at the tree view below, you can not start “Play all macros in folder” for the Demo folder, because it has no macros inside. It has only folders inside.

What “Play all macros in folder” does is that it enumerates and then plays the macros inside a specific folder e. g. Demo/Core - It ignores macros inside a subfolder of the specified folder e. g Demo/Core/Sub.

Ok so that is my issue I will loop over folders inside the APPNAME folder and this will be fixed thank you very much for your help admin :slight_smile: