Macro, csv, images demo default html5 local storage can make kantu slow?

@admin @TechSupport

I noticed that when installing kantu firefox becomes much slower, it takes many seconds to start, I think that macros, csv and images saved in htm5 local storage can slow firefox in loading.

I would like to know if you can add in Kantu a option to not download in the html5 demo macros, csv, image of default so you have a lighter and faster firefox.

From my various tests I notice that firefox once installed Kantu with sample macros becomes very slow to start.

Even deleting from the html local storage the sample macros firefox does not come back as fast as at the first installation so I ask if there is a way to install Kantu without installing in the html5 local storage no macros, csv, image of default.

Thank you

I’m on Chrome but have you tried using hard drive storage instead?

I use hard drive mode but the html5 local storage is full of demo macro and can slow the browser.

If you delete it from html 5 local storage need a defrag of the browser.

I see my browser very slow after i installed kantu, without Kantu my browser full load in 5 seconds, after I installed Kantu my browser full load in 10-15 seconds