Macro Code Compatibility Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge

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I need an information, if I create a macro code with Ui vision RPA for firefox the same macro code is full compatibility with Google Chrome and Edge Ui vision RPA ?

All selenium commands used in macro code of Ui vision RPA for firefox are the same commands in ui vision RPA for Google Chrome and Edge ?

Using Ui vision RPA exists commands that work in some browser only ?

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This is a good question!

Yes, the same macro works without changes in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

There are only two known limitations:

(1) File download automation

OnDownload | new file name | (wait for download to complete:) true/false

  • In Firefox the “new file name” renaming is not supported by the browser. But the (wait for download to complete:) true/false works just as in Chrome and Edge.
  • Workaround: If you really need to rename files with Firefox, use XRun and start a script after the file download
  • Another workaround: Use !Last_Downloaded_File_Name (read only) Get the name of the downloaded file. This requires ONDOWNLOAD to be inside the macro.

(2) File Upload Automation

File upload with Selenium IDE-style commands works only in Chrome and Edge . The Firefox extension API does not support file uploads.

But in the UI.Vision RPA software you can use real user simulation commands (XTYPE and XCLICK) to automate file uploads in all browsers (Chrome, Edge and Firefox ).

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@admin Thanks for info