MacOS: XClickText OCR word search fails for phrases with spaces

If you use XClickText or XClickTextRelative on MacOS to search for a phrase like “Listen Now” it will not find the phrase, even so the OCR text recognition perfectly recognized the word. The issue is the space " " between “Listen” and “Now”. => This is a bug and will be fixed.

The issue only happens on Mac, Windows is not affected. Technically Windows and Mac have a somewhat different OCR search implementation.

The workaround is to use OCR search on Mac only with single words, not phrases.

What if you have several words that include “listen” on the screen?
And let’s say one of the words is the one you need - “listen”, and the other one on the screen is “listener”.

How do you force the command to prioritize the one you actually need/short version, instead of “listener”?

For example, I am trying to set up a xclicktextrelative command, that would click on something below the abbreviation “mon”, but instead of doing that, it goes for “money”, that is at the bottom of the screen. Is there any workaround for this, while still using xclicktextrelative command? Because xclickrelative does not work for me, as the anchor image is just too small for the program to pick it up as a reference properly.


There are several options:

  1. You can restrict the area where uivision searches for the image/ocr - so in your case you would restrict the search area around the date dropdown.

  2. Instead of using “Mon” can you use e. g. “April” or “Current” as the anchor text for the xclicktextrelative command?

  3. If there are several matches of the same word, you can tell uivision to use e. g. the second match with Xclicktext | Mon@pos=2:

Hi has this been addressed for macs yet? It’s a rather powerful feature if corrected. Thank you.