Mac/Windows Resolution issues

We are a team building some automated tests on the pro version. However certain XClickRelatives are failing with the message “Cannot find green and/or pink boxes”. The tests on both machines are running 1080 screens. Some of the xclicksrelatives work and others fail. This is quite a serious issue as tests are constantly failing without reason. The native resolutions of the laptops differ, but the tests are run on a 1080 screen. Any advice?

We are aware of this issue and plan to fix it soon. As you guessed correctly, the issue is related to the different native resolutions of the laptops. => As a workaround, recreating the images often helps. Also, make sure that there is enough space between the green/pink boxes and the edge of the image. The “good” thing is that the issue is not random. If you have an image that works on both machines, it should work all the time and not all of sudden fail.

As another alternative, consider using the new XClickText and XClickTextRelative commands. This means using text search instead of image search. => Our text search (OCR) is 100% resolution independent. You can even use it if you want to click on an image (e. g. an icon). In this case you can tell Ui Vision to click on the icon next to/below/above the text with XClickTextRelative.

Here is an example on how to use a text search to click on your forum avatar image. We first find the word “Windows” and then click relative to this word:

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Thank you for the response! We will test out these commands and see how the consistency holds up.
It should solve some problems

Thank you!